2022 Blog #1 - Birds at Sachuest Point

The package arrived on Tuesday the 18th, but very late in the day.  It was the camera upgrade I've been wanting (and wavering about) for several months.  I decided to stay with the Nikon DSLR system instead of moving to mirrorless and having to invest in new lenses along with the new body.  I found a nice gently used Nikon D850 along with a Sigma 150mm Macro lens (why not!).  

Wednesday turned out warmer than it had been, but still very windy, so I packed up the camera and my Tamron 150-600mm G2 intending on getting some birds in flight.  I did bring along a tripod and a wide angle lens, but really wasn't expecting to use them.  So by mid-morning I was off to Sachuest Point NWR to see what birds were around.  Would the Snowy Owl make an appearance - probably not seeing that she is usually active early and late in the day, but there are always plenty of other birds along that 2 mile walk.

I was not disappointed in the birds or the camera, although I have a long way to go before I feel comfortable and have it setup for how I like to shoot.  Here are some images from that day.  I will have to learn to do something about efficiently storing the larger file sizes that come out of this camera, but that may be a topic for another day.

Enjoy and feel free to comment!



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