2022 Blog #2 - Water Drops - Try, Fail, Improve

It's true - If you don't succeed, try again!  

I've been wanting to experiment with waterdrop photography after seeing some YouTube demonstrations and seeing some of the images of others.  So, I started planning something simple.  Basically dropping liquid in a glass and using a 100mm or 150mm lens to capture the water drops.

Well, it's harder in practice than in my head!  Lighting is key and I tried several different setups - finally ending up with just one light directly behind the drop zone.  The background is also important as it's reflected in the drops - make sure it is tall and wide enough to not look like a color block in the drops.  Timing is so hard, and yes there are gizmos that will connect to the camera and time drops to the nano second, but I'm not there (yet!).  So just set the camera to burst and plan on many throw away images.

One more key element is the camera relationship to the water column or drops, it must be exactly perpendicular or not everything will be sharp since the depth of field is so narrow and a tilted camera will only have the area you focused on in sharp focus.

The collage below is my first real attempts and you can see all the issues I mentioned in teh images.  The single images were from a second attempt where I took what I learned and changed gears a bit and went for splashes rather than drops.  I feel they came out much better.

Let me know what you think.  I will be trying this again!

Water Drops and Splashes


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